Abell Celebrates World Honey Bee Day!

On August 17th 2024, Abell will celebrate World Honey Bee Day.  Bee’cause we care!

Beehive Relocation
Employee Bee Keeping Program
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Employee Bee Keeping Program

We put out the call to Abell employees across the country who would like to start their own amateur bee farms.

Abell is providing the training. The interest from our amateur future bee keepers has been overwhelming.

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From 2017, Abell is pledging $25,000 in scholarships over the next 5 years as part of Abell’s on-going Bursary Program. This will advance the science and learning of this important research program. We believe the solution to the plight of the bee starts with truly understanding the nature of the problem.

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Bee Swarm Relocation

Abell Connects Bee Keepers With Bee Swarm Problems

Abell Pest Control routinely coordinates honey bee swarm relocations.

We connect people with bee swarms problems with bee-keepers willing to safely remove them.


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Abell Celebrates World Honey Bee Day!
To Celebrate World Honey Bee Day 2023, Abell employees and their families wrote poems and short stories inspired by these vital pollinators. Read the captivating entries and discover the world of honey bees through the imaginative minds of our participants.
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Bees Are Pollinators

Bees and other beneficial insects pollinate plants, allowing them to reproduce. We learned about this in public school. That act of pollination occurs when a bee is collecting pollen.

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Bees Make Honey!

Bees help feed us through pollination, but they also make honey! One of nature’s most incredible and natural foods.


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Bees Need Help

It’s commonly accepted that since 2006 there has been a drastic reduction in bee colonies in North America for honey bees, bumble bees and other wild bees. The worker bees leave and do not return.

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What are we doing?

Bee Swarm Relocation

Abell Pest Control coordinates honeybee swarm relocations, in partnership with local beekeepers, in an effort to preserve bee swarms that are posing a risk to public health safety.

Abell Sponsorship

In 2023, Abell is in our 7th year of pledging $25,000 in scholarships over 5 years as a part of Abell’s on-going Bursary Program. This will advance the science and learning of this important research program.

Bee Keeping Program

The folks here at Abell are insect experts, often called on to control insects that pose health risks to humans.  But we are also fascinated by insects that are beneficial to humans.  And we want to help.

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