In recognition of World Honey Bee Day 2022, Abell Pest Control held its first-ever art contest for employees and their families. The ask – create original art featuring the honey bee as the muse. Over the past few months, Abell employees and their families from across the nation got to work and created beautiful art pieces that now hang in the front lobby of Abell’s home office in Toronto.

We were amazed at the response and the concern people have about the challenges bees face, including viruses, habitat loss, and climate change. Each submission told a poignant story of how threatened the honey bee is.

World Honey Bee Day is celebrated every third Saturday in August. The day is about recognizing the role honey bees have in our ecosystem and the beekeepers who help maintain our bee population. Honey bees are vital to our food supply, as they are responsible for pollinating crops worldwide. The day also encourages everyone to enjoy and buy locally grown honey.