Abell is proud to support The University of Guelph’s Honey Bee Research Centre, which is dedicated to advancing honey bee health through research, education, and outreach.

Alvaro De la Mora, is a Ph.D. Candidate, SES, at UofG, and a recipient of the Abell Pest Control in Pollinator Research Scholarship. His research “Breeding honey bees for low Varroa population growth in Ontario” is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Ernesto Guzman, in collaboration with the Honey Bee Research Centre at the University of Guelph, the Technology Transfer Program at the Ontario Beekeepers Association, and the Ontario Queen Breeders Association. This project has focused on breeding honey bee colonies that show natural resistance to the ectoparasitic mite Varroa destructor. Varroa mite has been considered the main threat to honey bees’ health worldwide, it vectors and transmits viruses such as the Deformed wing virus (DWV), reduces the lifespan of honey bees by more than 50%, and is associated with high rates of colony losses in North America. Furthermore, the mite develops resistance to the synthetical products used by beekeepers for its control.

Dr. Ernesto Guzman is a Professor and Director of the Honey Bee Research Centre, at the School of Environmental Sciences at UofG, and an expert in honey bee health. Dr. Guzman’s research focuses on genetics, behaviour, and parasitic diseases of honey bees. the impact of pesticides on bees, bee nutrition, and the use of natural products to control bee diseases.