Bees Are Pollinators

Bees Are Pollinators

Bees and other beneficial insects pollinate plants, allowing them to reproduce.  We learned about this in public school.

That act of pollination occurs when a bee is collecting pollen.  Some of the pollen, from the stamens, which are the male reproductive organ of the flower, stick to the hairs of the bee’s body.  As the bee travels from flower to flower some of this pollen rubs off onto the stigma, or female reproductive organ of the flower and the magic of fertilization occurs.

This is so important to plants they have evolved to attract bees.  This attraction can include the flowers scent, its colour or the shape of a plants flowers.

So why did they teach us about this in public school?  Around 1/3 of the vegetables and fruits we eat every day benefit from pollinators like bees.

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