Bee Keepers facing record number of bee deaths.

The honey bee mortality rate is up in Canada- mites and a cool spring are to blame It’s been a difficult start to spring for local beekeepers. Many are opening their hives to find they’re colonies have died over the winter. “I was shocked and disappointed to find that all my bees had died over the winter,” said Resident Abell Bee Keeper Mike Stanley. “The loss is devastating and mirrors the pattern of loss felt by many bee keepers across…

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How to protect bees from pesticides

How to protect bees from pesticides Broad spectrum pesticides can be a great way to control insects around residential properties, businesses and farms, but they can also affect insects that aren’t causing problems. In fact, bees and other pollinators can be very susceptible to these types of chemical pest control methods. This can pose a serious problem, because bees are an important part of keeping crops healthy. Here’s what people can do to protect bees from these harmful effects: Why Pollinators…

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