It’s honey bee swarming season, and the country is buzzing with colonies everywhere.

Swarms usually freak people out, but they are a valuable resource and can show up anywhere, as Abell Technician John Ciancio learned when visiting a customer in Campbellville, Ontario.

The customer alerted John because they thought it was a wasp nest, and we’re concerned about staff being stung. Paul immediately knew it was a bee swarm by the way the bees were grouped on the branch.

Abell gets calls all the time about active been swarms. Our goal is to partner with a local beekeeper to capture the swarm and relocate it, to remove it from danger. In this case, our customer had a resident beekeeper on staff and safely collected the swarm in a hive box and relocated it.

The process of removing the swarm involved the beekeeper using a box to coax the bees inside with honey and beeswax. The goal is to get the queen bee safely inside the box, and the rest will follow.