Programs Coming in 2018

Natural Bee Environment Program

Abell will be distributing up to 20,000 wild flower seed kits to interested customers nationally. The kits include wild flower seeds, local to each province or state that will provide natural habitats for bees. A study in Nature found that when bumble bees live near a wide array of wildflowers, their survival rates the following year increase by up to four times.  Abell is also providing solitary bee houses for native bee species that are responsible for a great deal of pollination, as well as information for the public about declining bee populations, the University of Guelph’s Honey Bee Research Center and details on becoming a donor.

New Abell Bee Hives

Abell is offering employees nationally the opportunity to receive bee-hive starter kits (called “Nucs”) to start their very own bee hives.  This will increase the quantity and variety of bees nationally and provide engagement from within the Abell community.   These new bee hives are scheduled to start in the spring of 2018.

Bee-Keeper Training

Dr. Guzman and Paul Kelly with the University of Guelph operate a sold-out introductory bee-keeping training course each spring. In order to help increase our in-house team of bee-keepers, Abell is sponsoring an additional course with Dr. Guzman and Mr. Kelly next year.